Who is focused on achieving the retailer’s consumer marketing needs and goals? We are. Super Marketing Promotions sits on the side of the retailer in developing custom marketing programs. We are the retailer’s agency. We understand the retail environment. We understand the consumer in the retail environment. We have more than 25 years of retail consumer marketing experience. We have a track record of developing dynamic retail specific consumer marketing programs that meet the needs of the retailer and the customer first.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Shopper Insights
  • Store or Department Walk-thru
  • Competition Analysis
  • Creative
  • Health & Wellness Content Marketing
  • Food Content Marketing
  • Promotion & Partner Program Development
  • Recipe & Menu Development
  • Video Library & Development


Displays and Promotions

Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Onion Bin

Vidalia Brands Display

Vidalia Onion Bin

Vidalia Onion Bin

Vidalia Onion Snack Display

Digital and Print Advertising

Digital Banner Ad

Digital Display Ad

Social Media

Social Media Post

Social Media Post

Social Media Post

Social Media Post

Social Media Post

Social Media Post


Sweet Potato Package

Vidalia O’s Packaging

Vidalia Salad Dressing Bottles

Don’t just sell products. Sell your brand. We put the Super Marketing in supermarkets.


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